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Contract Creation

Contract Creation, Contract Tasks, Tax Portal Integration, Audits & Rewards

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The process of creating a legally binding agreement that all relevant parties have signed is known as contract creation. A contract request starts this process, which then progresses through creation, negotiations, approval, signatures, and signing. A contract is drafted with all relevant terms, clauses, party information, dates, important milestones, etc. It is crucial that the information in the contract is accurate.

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Reuse Terms, Reduce Effort, Avoid Errors

The ProcurePulse Contract Management system contains a database of terms appropriate for buying different kinds of products and services.


Stakeholders can select appropriate ones to put together a contract. They can create new terms as well. The repository will be updated with the latest ones. The approval panel can collaborate and approve the contract in



The approved contract can be posted in the ProcurePulse Vendor Portal. The agreement will be signed once thevendors give their consent. 

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ProcurePulse Contract Management

In ProcurePulse, the approval panel can be configured dynamically. 

Stakeholders can then collaborate to ensure the contract is suiting the business requirements. The panel can then approve the contract that is to be executed.

Additionally ProcurePulse supports category based purchases that can be mapped to different departments or locations as per your approval hierarchy. Categories can be used to configure dynamic approvals.

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Supply &


RFQ and


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Vendor Audits &

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Purchase Order  
and Contract




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Our consultants have vast experience in digitally transforming the processes of managing procurement, vendors and contracts for large organisations. 

Connect with us for a detailed study our your requirements. Our consultants can suggest some of the best practices followed by industry leaders.

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