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ProcurePulse Vendor Management

On-Board Vendors

Vendor Management, RFQ and Procurement Auction, Contract, Delivery, Audit and Payment

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The first step in the process of onboarding is adding vendors to ProcurePulse database, which is further solidified by gathering documentation. It makes sure that buyers collaborate with organisations that are professional and that users are aware of their goals. It reaffirms the understanding that vendors will adhere to the standards and guidelines established by the buyer organisation as well as regulatory bodies.

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Verification of the documents is the next step in the procedure. The vendor's information and documentation will be compared to the company's standards by the verification team. Whether the vendor can work for the company or not will be determined by them.


The onboarding team is notified of the verification team's decision to accept or reject the vendor. The onboarding team will add the vendors to the marketplace, and walk them through the ProcurePulse Vendor Colloboration process if their application is accepted. In the event of a rejection, the onboarding team may request the necessary additional documents to resolve the matter.

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ProcurePulse - Complete Vendor Onboarding Solution

At the start of a new partnership, vendor onboarding serves as an official introduction. It enables mutual learning, understanding, and the establishment of the foundation for a long-term partnership.

New suppliers respond to common inquiries and supply required paperwork during the onboarding process. By ensuring consistency, the risk of the partnership is reduced and its value is maximised by giving both parties the information they need to collaborate effectively.

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ProcurePulse Vendor Management

ProcurePulse uses technology to manage manual, repetitive and labour intensive tasks in the procurement process. It helps to speed up the procurement lifecycle, reduce errors, and save costs.

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Supply &


RFQ and


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Vendor Audits &

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Purchase Order  
and Contract




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