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Supply & Payment

Vendor Management, RFQ and Procurement Auction, Contract, Delivery, Audit and Payment

ProcurePulse Vendor Management

GRN or SRN can be uploaded to the Vendor Portal followed by invoice. System triggers notification to Finance. Finance team makes payment after checking the terms.

Payment details can be posted in the Vendor Portal for intimation to the Vendor and for future reference.

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Streamlined Goods Receipt and Invoice Processing

Experience streamlined procurement processes with ProcureePulse's efficient Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Service Receipt Note (SRN) uploading system. Vendors can easily upload GRNs or SRNs to the Vendor Portal, followed by the submission of invoices. Our automated system triggers notifications to the finance team, ensuring prompt attention to pending invoices. With integrated checks and validations, invoices undergo thorough scrutiny against predefined terms and conditions, ensuring accuracy and compliance before proceeding to payment processing.


Transparent Payment Management and Tracking

Facilitate transparent payment management and tracking with ProcureePulse's integrated platform. Once invoices are approved by the finance team, payments are initiated and processed promptly. Payment details are then posted in the Vendor Portal, serving as an intimation to the vendor and providing a comprehensive record for future reference. Track payment statuses in real-time, enabling better financial planning and vendor relationship management. With secure access controls, vendors can conveniently view payment details, fostering transparency and trust in your procurement processes.

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ProcurePulse Vendor Management

ProcurePulse uses technology to manage manual, repetitive and labour intensive tasks in the procurement process. It helps to speed up the procurement lifecycle, reduce errors, and save costs.

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Supply &


RFQ and


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Vendor Audits &

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Purchase Order  
and Contract




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