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RFX & eAuction

ProcurePulse Procurement Automation

ProcurePulse streamlines price and quality negotiations through eAuctions and RFQs, fostering collaboration via the Vendor Portal. The Vendor Comparison Chart assists clients in shortlisting suppliers, while eAuctions provide vendors an opportunity to showcase their best. This data guides the selection of the best vendor.

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Best in Class RFx and eAuction Features

Request for X, or RFX for short, is an acronym used in procurement that refers to several vendor questionnaires, including Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Quotation (RFQ). Organizations and corporations use the RFX process, which is a formal and systematic process carried out in document form, to obtain information, quotations, bids, and proposals from different possible suppliers. It supports both the organization's final product and the acquisition of the commodities and services it needs.

Online Auction

Best Value: The outcome of a well-run RFP and procurement procedure is a result that precisely strikes a balance between cost and quality to satisfy the demands of all stakeholders. 


A buyer is an individual or entity responsible for acquiring goods, services, or assets on behalf of an organization or individual. 

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- Request For Proposal

Detailed specification of goods and services required by the buyers. The RFP describes the procurement goals, the sponsoring organisation, and outlines the bidding process and contract terms.


- Request For Information

PropurePulse is a browser based collaborative system. Enterprises and Vendors can effectively interchange information. This helps in reducing procurement cycle time.


- Request For Quotation

RFQ is a formal document issued by buyers seeking detailed proposals from potential vendors. It serves as a crucial part of the procurement process, allowing buyers to compare and evaluate vendor offerings consistently.

  • Pre-Qualification
    Vendors are on-boarded after evaluating them for capabilities to effectively provide services or supply goods as per requirement.
  • Templates
    Saved procurement processes often used for a Buyer’s RFx to reduce time spent on issuing an RFx.
  • Stages
    Use stages like ‘RFI’ and ‘RFQ’ to structure how suppliers will progress through your request. You can set specific requirements, documents and deadlines for each stage.
  • Vendor Network
    The network effect that occurs when Buyers are inviting Vendors to a digital RFx platform from which Buyers easily can search for Vendor’s Pre Qualification pages for faster awards.
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Procurement Auction

Businesses and governments can bid on contracts and procurement opportunities through ProcurePulse eAuction. By linking companies with suppliers who provide the finest goods and services at the best pricing, E Auction lowers the cost of procurement.

Reverse auction advantages include:

  • A formal, systematic procedure

  • Purchasing effectiveness

  • Eliminating one-on-one conversations will save Time.

  • Substantial price cuts brought on by supplier rivalry.

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More Procurement Functions


Catalogue Management

ProcurePulse's Catalogue Management ensures budget-friendly, contract-compliant shopping with vendor updates.

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Economic Order Quantity

ProcurePulse's EOQ System optimizes inventory, cutting costs and preventing over / underordering.

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Purchase Request

Simplify your procurement process, request items, get approvals, check inventory, and process efficiently.

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Our consultants have vast experience in digitally transforming the processes of managing procurement, vendors and contracts for large organisations. 

Connect with us for a detailed study our your requirements. Our consultants can suggest some of the best practices followed by industry leaders.

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