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RFx and eAuction

Vendor Management, RFQ and Procurement Auction, Contract, Delivery, Audit and Payment

ProcurePulse Vendor Management

With ProcurePulse RFx software Organisations get the ability to connect with suppliers from virtually any place on earth. Vendors can colloborate with teams extended across the globe in realtime. Timebound alerts at different levels of each process ensures reduced cycle time.

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Improved Effeciency through Standardisation

ProcurePulse streamlines and standardises the entire process. It helps experts create requests and vendors effectively respond to those requests. Everything gets managed digitally. This helps vendors quickly adapt to the standards and processes of the buyer organisation.

Cost Reduction

ProcurePulse encourages suppliers to compete, leading to better pricing. It allows real-time bidding and negotiation. Organizations can negotiate favorable terms based on competitive bids. Suppliers compete transparently, driving down prices. Dynamic counteroffers and multiple e-negotiations enhance efficiency.

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Effecient Partner Engagement

ProcurePulse facilitates efficient communication, performance evaluation, and streamlined processes, ultimately benefiting both businesses and their vendors. It facilitates collaboration of global teams, reducing cycle times. Vendor comparison chart and e-auction help organisations take data driven decisions and reduce procurement costs significantly.

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ProcurePulse Vendor Management

ProcurePulse uses technology to manage manual, repetitive and labour intensive tasks in the procurement process. It helps to speed up the procurement lifecycle, reduce errors, and save costs.

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Supply &


RFQ and


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Vendor Audits &

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Purchase Order  
and Contract




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Our consultants have vast experience in digitally transforming the processes of managing procurement, vendors and contracts for large organisations. 

Connect with us for a detailed study our your requirements. Our consultants can suggest some of the best practices followed by industry leaders.

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