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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Terms Repository | Contract Drafter | Revise and Renew

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Reuse Terms, Reduce Effort, Avoid Errors

The ProcurePulse Contract Management system contains a database of terms appropriate for buying different kinds of products and services. Stakeholders can select appropriate ones to put together a contract. They can create new terms as well. The repository will be updated with the latest ones. The approval panel can collaborate and approve the contract in ProcurePulse. The approved contractcan be posted in the ProcurePulse Vendor Portal. The agreement will be signed once thevendors give their consent. 

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Contract Management

ProcurePulse uses technology to manage manual, repetitive and labour intensive tasks in the procurement process. It helps to speed up the procurement lifecycle, reduce errors, and save costs.

Approval Workflow with Collaboration

Using ProcurePulse software, the approval panel can collaborate to complete the contract. The panel can the approve the contract to be executed.

Negotiate & Execute

The vendor must accept the authorised contract. The agreed agreement must be carried out lawfully.

Plan the terms of Contract

There are numerous pre-drafted terms in the ProcurePulse terms library. It is possible to choose terms that are required. Users can also build a new set of terms.

Draft Contract

Selected terms from ProcurePulse can be used to make the first version of contract.

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Terms Audit

During the period of contract, ProcurePulse reminds stakeholders of tasks related to contractual terms and to conduct audit periodically. The results are stored for future reviews and improvement. 


The terms of the contract may be revised with the consent of the vendor and the customer in light of live data.

Contract Renewal

The Renewal Calendar is updated with the contract period. Reminders about the impending contract renewal will be sent to stakeholders.

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ProcurePulse can be integrated with most ERP, Directory, HR and Payment Systems


SAP, Oracle, Dynamics

API, Web Services and Views 


Single Sign-on

Active Directory, LDAP, Google OAUTH; Java Integration


Human Resources


API and Web  Services

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ManageEngine, FreshDesk

API and Web  Services

Connect with Us

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